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Sad Day for Puppets

A few years ago back in 2007 I had the pleasure to know this Swedish band. In the next year they released their first long play effort, Unknown Colours that, if not made them worldwide known, at least received lots of positive reviews. At that time the band was performing a shoegaze-inspired indie-pop, mixing catchy melodies with some noisy fuzziness . Come Closer is Sad Day For Puppets’ third full-lengthly record and basically states the band’s departure, which started in  Pale Silver & Shiny Gold (2012), to a more clear, produced and (sorry about the term) generic indie-pop.

“Cold Hand” is a such a perfect opening-track. A keyboard-driven song with a catchy jangling riff and some of the most beautiful vocals that Anna Eklund has provided to date. “Stardust” follows with a more down-tempo and synther approach, which particularly did not get my attention for kinda ruining the mood initially built (specially considering it’s only the second track). Thankfully, “Human Heart” gets the twee feeling back, and that’s how I see the band playing at high level, not letting the keyboard that much in the first step as the main ingredient.

Overall, Come Closer shows the band trying to reach a more serious sonority, “Destroyer” for example is a 80s-groovy track sustained by a nice bassline with few pop turns/twists. The band’s effort is rewarded with the possible-hit “Sugar”, that despite having an introduction quite similar to a M83′s song, shows their skills to adapt themselves to a new style, again, darker, synther e weirdly serious. The impression I have after some listens is that there’ something missing, maybe more guitars, fuzzy…I don’t know, the production is way too clean.

Although I still prefer Unknown Colours, Come Closer has a few more ups than downs, and it’s interesting to see the band looking to a different and new sound. Let’s keep an eye on them.

01. Cold Hand
02. Stardust
03. Human Heart
04. Senseless
05. Destroyer
06. Sugar
07. Living Dead
08. Shiver & Shake
09. Bye Bye
10. Bells

Rating: 7.9

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