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American singer-songwriter Laura Veirs releases her ninth (!) album after the 2011′s Thumble Bee, changing again the approach to a more accessible work. We can say that was a clever thing to do, Warp & Weft is fresh, solid, and incredible innovative. But the innovation does not apply to new sound or level of creativeness, the innovation here is how Laura balances her music to deliver an easily enjoyable and yet deep record. The album was recorded while Laura was pregnant, and that surely affected her view of the world before transporting it to the songs.

Warp & Weft is situated somewhere between the alt-country and the baroque-pop/folk (noticeable less orchestral and lyrical), a blend of Aymee Mann and The Decemberists. Could have listed Neko Case as well, but as matter of fact the singer-songwriter herself participates in the first track “Sun Song”, meshing her vocals with Laura’s. Talking about going back to roots, lyrics are motherhood-oriented, as stated in the passage “Stalked by winter solace in a small, warm hand, we’ve got the sun, the sun to thank”.

The first half is so strong! After a few listens I got caught by the amazing initial sequence (“Sun Song”, “America”, “Finister Saw the Angels”),Shape Shifter” is certainly a winner, even though almost acoustic in the beginning, the song gains power and receives violins an other dedicated arrangements, enhancing the already beautiful melody, definitely a must-listen this one. 

Last half is both less intense and pop. Highlights for the ending track White Cherry” with a nice jazzish experimentation similar to some Love Supreme moments. Curiousiously, the great guitar pop ballad “That Alice” is the point that holds and ensures the album consistence. The honourable mention goes to “Say Darlin Say” and its pretty familiar ending, at least for those fans of this album. With that said, Warp & Weft is perhaps her most successful effort to date, such a spellbinding release.

01. Sun Song
02. America
03. Finister Saw The Angels
04. Dorothy Of The Island
05. Shape Shifter
06. Ghosts Of Louisville
07. Say Darlin Say
08. That Alice
09. Ikaria
10. Sadako Folding Cranes
11. Ten Bridges
12. White Cherry

Rating: 9.1

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